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NDC approves feasibility study for Taiwan HSR extension [free access]

April 14, 2017

Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC) has approved the feasibility study to extend its high-speed rail (HSR) Line in Pingtung County. The line will span 37.72 km from Neishi station in Fangshan Township to Hengchun Township. It will cover seven stations (New Fangshan, Fenggang, Zhukeng, Haikou, Checheng, Wuliting and Hengchun). The estimated investment is TWD19.9 billion.


The extension will provide service frequency of one train per hour during weekdays and two trains per hour on weekends and holidays. It is expected to begin service by 2026.


The complete line, from Xinzuoying station to the planned Hengchun station, will provide regular and express services. The end-to-end journey time for regular services will be around two hours and 21 minutes; and that for express services will be around 90 minutes.


(1 TWD [Taiwan dollar] = 0.03 USD)