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Victoria state budget 2017-18 allocates AUD2.06 billion for public transport, Australia [free access]

May 3, 2017

The Government of Victoria has allocated AUD2.06 billion in its FY2017-18 budget for public transport. There are three priority initiatives: Keeping Melbourne Moving (AUD62.5 million); Tram, Bus and Train Upgrade (AUD 879.5 million); and Regional Public Transport (AUD1.12 billion).


Under Keeping Melbourne Moving, the funds will be invested in deploying eight additional train services on the Werribee Line during peak hours, additional shuttle and bus services, route extensions and network impact management plan.


Under Tram, Bus and Train Upgrade, the funds will be invested in procuring 10 More E-Class trams (AUD218.1 million), building new train stables on the Frankston Line at Kananook (AUD187.4 million), improvement of passenger safety on train and bus networks (AUD67 million), improvements to Melbourne’s busiest train stations (AUD8.7 million), and upgrading Hurstbridge train line Phase II (AUD5 million).


Under Regional Public Transport, the funds will be used to procure 39 new VLocity carriages (AUD311.1 million), regional rail maintenance (AUD316.4 million), improve transport connectivity (AUD47.9 million), night network delivery of 24-hour public transport on weekends (AUD193.2 million) and Gippsland Rail Upgrade (AUD435 million).


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