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Preferred bidders selected for Odense LRT contracts [free access]

May 5, 2017

Odense Letbane, the public company responsible for developing the city's first light-rail transit (LRT) line, has selected the Spain-based construction firm, Comsa, and Switzerland-based Stadler, as the preferred bidders for the Odense LRT construction and rolling stock contracts respectively.


The scope of work for Comsa will involve the construction of the 14.5-km LRT line, which will connect Tarup in the north to Hjallelese in the south, and cover 26 stations. The scope of work for Stadler will include supplying 16 Variobahn light-rail vehicles (LRVs). Each LRV will cost around EUR2.8 million.


The contracts will now be submitted for approval by the state, regional and municipal governments before they can be signed.


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