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Moscow to invest RUB1.7 trillion in transport system during 2018-20, Russia [free access]

November 8, 2017

Moscow has announced plans to invest RUB1.7 trillion on development of the transport system during 2018-2020. The city has allocated RUB550 billion in the draft 2018 budget.


The projects will be implemented by city authorities, Russian Railways and the Ministry of Transport. The planned projects include development of an integrated rail system (similar to Paris RER) linking the existing radial rail routes; upgrade of existing lines and construction of new tunnels.


Other projects include relocation of stations on radial lines, lengthening of five-car train sets to seven car train sets for Moscow Central Ring, construction of new metro lines and procurement of rolling stock for replacement of older trains and new line.


The city also plans to procure 300 electric buses annually up to 2022 to replace trolleybuses and part of the diesel-fuelled bus fleet. By 2018, eight trolleybus routes will be converted for catenary-free battery operation. The city has closed around 44 trolleybus routes in the last four years, and plans to close the entire network by end -2020.


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