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Masabi integrates mobile ticketing for Metrolink and LA Metro, US [free access]

January 8, 2018

UK-based Masabi has launched a mobile ticketing application (app) to integrate the fare systems of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority (Metro) and Metrolink (operator of commuter rail services). The project began in late 2016 and is expected to be completed by end -2018. It is expected to benefit around 30 per cent of Metrolink passengers who transfer to LA Metro services on a daily basis and purchase separate paper tickets for both systems.


The project is part of Metrolink’s technology transformation programme which was launched six months ago and involves launch of a new website as well as installation of global positioning system (GPS) train tracker. It is Phase 3 of the Metrolink’s Mobile App Project.


Masabi’s Metrolink mobile ticketing app was launched in early 2016 and processes 26 per cent of all fare revenue. The Justride Inspect Software enables validation of tickets and gate activation. Around 185 metro gates are mobile-ticketing enabled. The integration of new optic readers costs USD1.2 million.