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Dubai RTA launches Next Future autonomous pods [free access]

February 13, 2018

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has started trial runs of the electric autonomous pod vehicles supplied by United States-based Next Future Transportation (Next Future). The initiative is part of RTA’s Smart Transport Strategy to transform 25 per cent of Dubai’s transport trips into self-driving by 2030.


The pods are equipped with electro-mechanical technology that allows them to detach in five seconds and merge with other pods in 15 seconds-20 seconds, depending upon the destination of the passengers. Each pod is 2.87 metres long and has a capacity of 10 passengers (six seated and four standing). It has average operating speed of 10 km/hr and can operate for three hours after a full charge of six hours.


The safety system of the pod comprises three sub-systems: the primary system comprising 3D cameras and artificial intelligence, the standby system based on ordinary cameras and manual control from the central control office of the RTA.