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PFR acquires Pesa, Poland [free access]

June 1, 2018

The Polish Development Fund/Polski Fundusz Rozwoju (PFR) has acquired Poland-based Pesa, which was facing financial difficulties due to lack of contracts. The acquisition will be finalised by mid-June 2018 after an agreement with banks and financial companies. Earlier, many international manufacturers had expressed interest in acquiring the company, but none of them made a bid for it.


Recently, in May 2018, Warsaw suburban operator SKM signed a PLN310 million contract with the company to supply 13 Elf II EMUs comprising seven four-car and eight five-car trains, with an option to supply eight more trains (including one four-car and seven five-car trains) by 2023.


(1 PLN [Polish Zloty] = 0.27 USD)