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Italy to invest EUR1.7 billion in public transport; Turin to test autonomous vehicles [free access]

August 3, 2018

Italy’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) has announced plan to allocate EUR1.397 billion for the development of infrastructure and the construction of rapid mass transportation systems in 11 cities and EUR338 million to improve the safety of the regional railway in nine regions.


The total funds of EUR1.397 billion will be allocated to Rome (EUR425.52 million), Milan (EUR396.5 million), Turin (EUR223.14 million), Genoa (EUR137.38 million), Catania (EUR59.5 million), Padova (EUR56 million), Florence (EUR47 million), Reggio Calabria (EUR23 million), Vicenza (EUR19 million), Rimini (EUR8.85 million) and Naples (EUR1.46 million).


The funds of EUR338 million to improve safety will be allocated to Basilicata (EUR15.01 million), Calabria (EUR74.86 million), Campania (EUR53.19 million), Lazio (EUR69.97 million), Liguria (EUR18.04 million), Lombardia (EUR14.9 million), Piedmont (EUR38.51 million), Puglia (EUR21.89 million) and Sardinia (EUR31.63 million).


Further, MIT and the City Council of Turin have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to test autonomous vehicles. As per the agreement, the authorities will set up a laboratory to test the autonomous vehicles in varied situations, develop new technologies, and design innovative roads and city infrastructure.


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