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Project Update

Changchun Urban Rail Transit, China [free access]

September 1, 2018

Developer/ Operator: Changchun City Rail Transit Group is the developer and the operator.


Project description: The project involves extension of the existing lines and the development of new rail lines.


Background: The urban rail transit system of Changchun comprises two subway and two light rail lines, which together span 86.33 km and cover 82 stations.


Line 1: It spans 18.14 km from Beihuan in the north to Hongjuzi in the south, covering 15 stations (underground). It is the first underground line in the city and service began in July 2017. The line has been developed at an investment of CNY16.1 billion.


Line 2 Phase 1: It spans 20.5 km (underground) from Xihu to Dongfang Square, covering 18 stations. Passenger services began in August 2018.


Light Rail Line 3: It spans 31.36 km from railway station to Movie Wonderland, covering 33 stations. The line has been developed in two phases at an investment of CNY4.25 billion. Phase 1 spans 14 km from railway station to Satellite Plaza, covering 17 stations. Phase 2 spans 17.36 km from Satellite Plaza to Movie Wonderland, covering 16 stations. Passenger services began in 2002 on Phase 1 and in 2006 on Phase 2.


Light Rail Line 4: It spans 16.33 km from railway station north to Chechang, covering 16 stations. The line has been developed at an investment of CNY5.4 billion. 


Capital plans: There is one line under construction and eight lines under planning.


Light Rail Beihu Line Phase 1: It will span 13.4 km from 13 North Ring to Taiping Village, covering 13 stations. Construction commenced in April 2014 and the line is scheduled to open in September 2018.


Lines under planning: In August 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) approved Phase III Urban Rail Transit Construction plan, which involves the development of eight lines.


The lines include Line 5 Phase 1 (19.5 km), Line 6 (29.7 km), Line 7 Phase 1 (22.5 km), Airport Line Phase 1 (33.3 km) Shuangyang Line Phase I (11.3 km), Dongyan Project Line 2 (9.1 km), Line 4 southern extension (7 km) and Line 3 southern extension (3 km).


Construction is expected to commence in 2018 and be completed by 2023. The total cost is estimated at USD11.45 billion, of which 60 per cent will be covered through domestic bank loans and the remaining 40 per cent by the government at various levels.


Recent development:



(1 CNY [Chinese Yuan Renminbi] = 0.15 USD)