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VVT to renew bus fleet by 2020; launch tender by end-2018, Lithuania [free access]

September 6, 2018

Vilniaus Viešasis Transportas (VVT), managed by the Vilnius City Municipality/Vilniaus Miesto Savivaldybes Administracija, has approved the third stage of public transport renewal at an investment of EUR38.5 million.


The scope of work includes procurement of five electric buses, 70 hybrid three-axle buses, 50 two-axle buses fuelled by compressed natural gas (CNG), and 10 small diesel-fuelled buses. The buses are planned to be deployed by 2020 and will reduce the maximum age of the fleet to seven years.


The tenders for these buses are expected to be launched by the end of 2018. The procurement will be financed by VVT’s funds and leasing.


The renewal of public transport began in 2017. Under the first stage, Transrevis UAB and the Latvian Riga Voyage Traffic consortium secured a contract to provide 100 buses. Under the second stage, Solaris secured two contracts to provide 150 buses (100 two-axle and 50 three-axle low-floor buses) on lease and 41 trolleybuses.


(1 EUR [Euro] = 1.17 USD)