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Kocaeli to expand Izmit Tram, construct Gebze Metro Line 1 by 2023, Turkey [free access]

October 3, 2018

The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has approved development of three new tram routes (Kuruçeşme, Şehir Hastanesi and Alikahya Stadium) for the Izmit Tramway. In addition, a preliminary study for the 17-km tram line (Körfez-Derince-İzmit route) is ongoing.


The Kuruçeşme route will span 1 km and cover one stop. It will connect with existing Akçaray Tram Line at Plajyolu. The Şehir Hastanesi (Kent Hospital) Line will span 3.5 km and cover five stops in Bekirdere region. The Alikahya Stadium Line will span 3.5 km from Yahya Kaptan to Alikahya Stadium, covering seven stops.


Izmit Tramway comprises one line, Akçaray, which spans 7.4 km and covers 11 stops. It opened in June 2017 and works commenced on an extension in June 2018. The line is being extended by 2.2 km from Sekapark to Plajyolu, covering four stations.


In addition, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has commenced construction on the first Gebze Metro line. The line will span 15.6 km (including tunnel of 900 metres) from Darıca Sahil to OSB (Organised Industrial Zones), covering 12 stations. It will deploy fully driverless trains with capacity to carry 1,080 passengers. The service frequency will be 90 seconds and end-to-end journey time will be 19 minutes. Construction is expected to be completed by 2023 and require investment of TRY2.8 billion.


(1 TRY [Turkish Lira] = 0.17 USD)