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Palermo revises tram extension plan, to invest in four extensions, Italy [free access]

November 30, 2018

The Palermo City Council has approved an amendment to the Public Works Plan, which involves an investment of EUR426 million for construction of four tram extensions. The extension will be financed by the Pacts for the South (EUR200 million), Region of Sicily (EUR50 million) and co-financing from private sector (EUR176 million).


In November 2018, the City Council had announced plans to invest EUR700 million for the development of seven tram lines. However, it secured approval for the development of four lines.


The four planned extensions include Section A (extension of Line 1 from Centrale station to the stadium), Section B (extension of Line 1 from Notarbartolo station to Duca della Verdura), Section C (extension of Line 4 from Calatafimi Bridge to Centrale station), and Section E1 (Piazza de Gasperi to Francia section providing interchange with the Passante Suburban Railway).


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