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MBTA orders electric buses from New Flyer, accompanying propulsion systems from BAE Systems, US [free access]

January 7, 2019

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) has awarded a contract to New Flyer of America Incorporated (New Flyer) to supply five heavy-duty, 18.3-metre (60-foot) Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric buses (or 10 equivalent units). The buses will be deployed on the Silver Line routes and are part of the agency’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The award of the contract follows MBTA’s decision to execute options for 194 hybrid electric buses from New Flyer.


In addition, the MBTA has ordered 194 Series-ER extended range propulsion systems for the buses from BAE Systems PLC. The systems use electric motors instead of diesel engines as power supply and offer a higher-capacity battery. Buses deploying this system can operate electrically with the engine switched off for certain periods in a day, resulting in fuel savings for the agency.