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New Flyer unveils CHARGE H2 hydrogen fuel-cell buses [free access]

March 12, 2019

New Flyer of America Incorporated and New Flyer Industries Canada (together New Flyer) have unveiled the Xcelsior CHARGE H2 fuel cell-electric heavy-duty transit bus. New Flyer has also announced that both the 12.2-metre (40-foot) and 18.3-metre (60-foot) models of Xcelsior CHARGE H2 have successfully completed the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Model Bus Testing Program at Altoona, Pennsylvania.


As a result, the Xcelsior CHARGE H2 is the first 18.3-metre (60-foot) fuel cell-electric bus to complete FTA testing, with New Flyer being the only manufacturer to offer both 12.2-metre (40-foot) and 18.3-metre (60-foot) fuel cell-electric models that are eligible for federal funding.


The Xcelsior CHARGE H2 buses use environmentally friendly hydrogen and fuel-cell technology, have a range of up to 482.8 km (300 miles) with a refuelling time of 6–20 minutes, and deliver savings of 85–175 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per year.