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DfT allocates GBP25 million to retrofit 1,817 buses, UK [free access]

March 25, 2019

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced a GBP25-million funding through the Clean Bus Technology Fund for 14 transport authorities to retrofit 1,817 buses. The fund supports projects to upgrade buses with technology to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions in areas with poor air quality.


The shortlisted authorities include Newcastle (23 buses), Leicester (53 buses), London (500 buses), Bristol (166 buses), Gateshead (13 buses), Manchester (176 buses), West Midlands (222 buses), Coventry (131 buses), Oxford (37 buses), West Yorkshire (179 buses), South Tyneside (8 buses), Liverpool (129 buses), Sheffield (160 buses) and Essex (20 buses).


In 2018, DfT allocated GBP40 million to 20 transport authorities to retrofit 2,768 buses.


(1 GBP [British Pound] = 1.32 USD)