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Belgrade Metro construction cost estimated to be EUR4 billion, Serbia [free access]

June 14, 2019

Serbia’s Ministry of Finance has announced that the construction cost of the metro system in Belgrade, comprising two lines, is estimated to be EUR4 billion as per a pre-feasibility study conducted by France-based Egis, an urban engineering company. As per the study, the project cost will be around EUR1.8 billion for one line and EUR2.2 billion for the other line. The design shows two metro lines of length 22 km and 19.8 km respectively and the integration of four urban rail lines.   


In April 2019, the Government of Serbia signed a cooperation agreement with China’s Power Construction Corporation (Powerchina) for the development of a metro system in Belgrade. Under the agreement, Serbia and Powerchina will commence joint work on project documentation, spatial plans, and the model of financing for the Belgrade metro construction.


In 2011, Alstom had signed an agreement with the city of Belgrade for the construction of the first metro line. In 2014, the Mayor of Belgrade had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Republic of France for the construction of the metro.


Currently, the Government of Serbia is discussing the structure of financing with Alstom, Egis, and Powerchina, as well as the participation of each company in the development of the project.


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