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Funds allocated for railway development and modernisation in NSW [free access]

June 20, 2019

The Government of New South Wales (NSW) has announced funding of approximately AUD2.9 billion in its 2019–20 budget for the development and upgradation of the railway network in the region. It has allocated AUD1.2 billion for the Sydney Metro West project, which is scheduled to commence operations in 2024. Further, AUD207 million has been allocated for carrying out planning work for the Sydney Metro North South Rail Link, scheduled to be completed by 2026.


It has further allocated AUD561 million for the Parramatta light rail project, which is scheduled to open in 2023.


The government has also allocated AUD643 million towards the ‘More Trains, More Services’ initiative in the recent budget. This includes the purchase of 41 eight-car Waratah 2 electric multiple-units supplied by Downer EDI.


Sydney’s T1 Western Line has been allocated AUD3.4 million to introduce eight more express services.


As part of the government’s AUD885 million four-year funding package, AUD334 million has been allocated for the Transport Access Program to improve accessibility at railway stations and ferry wharves.


(1AUD [Australian Dollar] = 0.71USD)