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Taiwan government announces subsidies for electric buses [free access]

August 5, 2019

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications has passed a guideline to provide subsidies of up to USD105,703 (TWD3.34 million) for electric buses. The guideline will be effective from September 1, 2019. The provision of subsidies is in line with the national government’s vision to deploy an all-electric bus fleet in the country by 2030.


Buses deployed on both intra-city and inter-city routes are eligible for the subsidies. As per the guideline, buses having a wheelbase exceeding 4 metres will receive subsidies of up to TWD3.34 million, whereas buses weighing over 4.5 tons but having a wheelbase smaller than 4.5 metres will receive subsidies of up to TWD2.6 million. The subsidies will be disbursed in two phases. During the first phase, subsidies will be given to newly built buses. During the second phase, subsidies will be given for replacing the batteries to extend the life of the buses to 12 years. In addition, buses having a running rate of at least 98 per cent will be eligible to receive an additional subsidy of TWD2 million.


(1 TWD [Taiwan Dollar] = 0.03 USD)