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Adif AV selects three preferred bidders to operate HSRs in Spain [free access]

November 27, 2019

Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF) AV has awarded Renfe Viajeros, the Ilsa consortium comprising Trenitalia and Air Nostrum, and Rielsferato the contract to operate passenger services on three corridors. Once approved by Spain’s National Commission of Markets and Competition, the contract is expected to be signed by March 2020 and the selected companies will operate services from December 2020.


Adif invited bids in three packages for each of the three corridors, namely Madrid–Barcelona–French border corridor (Corridor 1), Madrid–Valencia/Alicante corridor (Corridor 2), and Madrid–Seville/Málaga corridor (Corridor 3). RenfeViajeros has secured Package A, which comprises the largest share of services (70 per cent). The Ilsa consortium has securedPackage B comprising 20 per cent of services. Rielsfera has secured Package C comprising 10 per cent of services.


Package A includes provision of 48 services per day on Corridors 1 and 3, and 32 services per day on Corridor 2. Package B comprises 16 services per day on each corridor. Package C comprises five services per day on Corridor 1 and four services per day on each of the two remaining corridors.