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Civil works contracts awarded for Transmilenio Avenida 68 Corridor, Colombia [free access]

January 31, 2020

The Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (IDU)/ Institute of Urban Development, a state-owned department responsible for the development of the road network in Bogotá, has awarded contracts to three consortia and one company to develop Transmilenio Avenida 68 Corridor, a bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor. These companies will collectively execute civil works under nine lots.


Contracts have been awarded to Consorcio Eucarístico Carrera 68, a consortium of Mario Alberto Cotes and MHC Ingeniería y Construcción de Obras Civiles S.A.S.; Consorcio Infraestructura Avenida 68, a consortium of Pavimentos Colombia S.A.S., Indugravas Ingenieros Constructores S.A.S., and  Coherpa Ingenieros Constructores S.A.S.; Conconcreto S.A.; and Consorcio LHS, a consortium of Solarte Nacional de Construcciones and Constructora LHS S.A.S.The scope of work includes construction of 16.97 km of roads, 21 stations, 15 pedestrian bridges, seven bridges for vehicles, three pedestrian underpasses, three vehicle overpasses, 12 bike parks, and a 18-km-long bike park.


Transmilenio Avenida 68 Corridor will span around 17 km and cover 21 stations. This corridor will also have interchange facilities for other Transmilenio corridors. Passenger services are expected to commence by 2024.