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Government of Norway allocates NOK32.1 billion for rail projects [free access]

October 12, 2020

The Government of Norway has allocated NOK32.1 billion for rail infrastructure projects and for the operation and renewal of these projects in its budget for 2021. The budget includes NOK16.1 billion for investment in new infrastructure projects and NOK1.2 billion for investment planning. The government has allocated NOK4.6 billion for the purchase of passenger rail transport services from operators in 2021 and has provided NOK650 million to make up the shortfall in operator revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bane NOR, the rail infrastructure management agency for Norway, has been allocated NOK9.18 billion for the operation and maintenance of the railway network in 2021.


The ongoing projects that will receive funding include the track-doubling projects for the Dovre line and the Vestfold line, the construction project for the Østfold line, and the tunnel renewal project in Bergen. The budget supports the planning of the Ringeriks line E16 joint road and rail project between Høgkastet and Hønefoss. The budget also supports the ongoing European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) rollout project and the electrification of rail infrastructure in Trøndelag, specifically on the Meråker line between Hell and Storlien, on the Leangen–Stavne line, and on the Trønder line between Trondheim and Værnes.


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