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Governments of Australia and Western Australia allocate funds for transport in budget for FY2020–21 [free access]

October 12, 2020

The Government of Australia in its budget for FY2020–21 has allocated AUD854.30 million for 10 new transport projects in three states. These projects will also be financed by the respective state governments. The funds have been allocated for new projects in Victoria (AUD565.30 million), followed by five projects in Western Australia (AUD278.30 million) and one project in New South Wales (NSW; AUD15 million). The funds will be used to conduct investigations for high speed rail (HSR) lines, to upgrade rail infrastructure, and to develop bus interchanges.


The state government of Western Australia (WA) has allocated AUD1.5 billion for projects under Metronet, one of the largest infrastructure projects in the state. The state government also proposes to allocate AUD5.7 billion over the period of four years. The maximum funds have been allocated to the Forrestfield–Airport Link (AUD354.5 million), followed by the WA Railcar Programme (AUD275.30 million) and the Thornlie–Cockburn Link (AUD195 million).


(1 AUD [Australian Dollar] = 0.72 USD)