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South Korea's Sin Bundang Line opens [free access]

November 1, 2011

The Sin Bundang Line in South Korea, popularly known as the DX Line, connecting Gangnam in Seoul to Bundang has entered revenue service. In Phase I, the 18.5-km line with six stations connects the Bundang Line at Jeongja to Gangnam at Seoul metro line 2.


The Sinbundang Railway Company consortium led by Doosan Construction and Engineering Company and including Daelim Industrial Company Limited, Dongbu Corporation, Kolon Industries and Posco, has built the line under a public-private partnership (PPP) contract. The line is being operated by NeoTrans, a subsidiary of the consortium.


Hyundai Rotem has supplied 12 six-car stainless steel air-conditioned train-sets, expected to run at 110 km/hr on the surface and 90 km/hr underground.


A 10-km Phase 2 is planned to come up by 2018. This extension, with six stations, will run north from Gangnam under the Han River and then west to Yongsan.