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The mission of Global Mass Transit is simple and modest - to provide decision makers with up-to-date and comprehensive information and analysis on the global mass transit industry. We cover metro, bus, light rail, regional rail, and inter-modal passenger transport.

Global Mass Transit keeps you informed on all the key developments, trends, and issues in the sector. It tracks major projects, contracts, and investments. It profiles leading mass transit authorities/operators and discusses their strategies. It reports on regulatory initiatives and examines their implementation. It provides the latest available data and statistics. It also features the views and perspectives of experts and top industry players. 

Our service package consists of three elements Global Mass Transit Report (a monthly newsletter), Global Mass Transit Weekly (a weekly update) and (an information-enriched website). 

The Global Mass Transit Report, the monthly newsletter, comprises 10 distinct sections: 

Global Mass Transit Weekly, published every Tuesday, provides you with a summary of key events and developments that took place in the mass transit sector during the previous week from across the world.

The third element of our service package is our website,, which provides online access to information in addition to current and previously published content in Global Mass Transit Report and Global Mass Transit Weekly, with searchable archives for all sections.

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