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Project Update

Lisbon Metro, Portugal [free access]

January 1, 2019

Developer: Metropolitano de Lisboa is the system developer and operator.


Project description: Expansion of the existing metrorail system and deployment of 42 rail cars and automatic train control (ATC) system.


Background: The system comprises four lines that together span 44.3 km and cover 56 stations. These include:



There are six transfer stations.


The most recent addition to the system was the 0.97-km extension of the Blue Line from Amadora Esteto Reboleira, which opened in April 2016.


Ridership: The average daily ridership is 442,438 passengers (2017). The annual ridership increased by 5.4 per cent from 153.2 million passengers in 2016 to 162 million passengers in 2017.


Rolling stock: Portugal-based Soreframe (now acquired by Bombardier) supplied 111 three-car trains between 1993 and 2002.


Signalling: Germany-based Siemens supplied the signalling system for the Blue, Green and Yellow Lines. Ansaldo STS (now a part of Hitachi Group) supplied the ATC signalling system including an automatic train supervisory (ATS) system for the Red Line.

Track and power supply: Tracks are standard gauge (1,435 mm). Power is sourced from the third rail (750V DC).


Fare system: Contactless smartcards and bank cards are used as fare media. The fare system is integrated across all modes of public transportation in the city.


Extensions/Capital projects: Metropolitano de Lisboa is undertaking following projects for expansion of the system:


Circular Line: It will comprise a 2-km-long tunnel connecting the Cais do Sodré terminus station of the Green Line with the Rato terminus station of the Yellow Line. The project involves the construction of two stations—Estrela and Santos.


Construction is expected to start in 2019 and be completed by 2023 at an investment of EUR210.2 million. Of the total investment, EUR83 million will be funded from the European Union (EU) budget under the Operational Programme for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources.


Rolling stock and signalling system: In September 2018, Metropolitano de Lisboa invited bids to procure 14 three-car trains and ATC system. The bids are currently under evaluation.


The base price of the contract is around EUR127.25 million and the work is scheduled to be completed within 77 months of signing the contract.


Recent developments:



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