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Zenobe announces GBP120 million funding for deployment of electric buses in the UK [free access]

May 31, 2019

Zenobe Energy, the UK’s largest independent owner and operator of battery storage, has announced GBP120 million funding for local councils and for bus and fleet operators to accelerate the deployment of electric buses as well as to provide the supporting infrastructure.


The company plans to provide a range of solutions, which includes upfront financing for local authorities, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as bus and other fleet operators.  Zenobe Energy’s solution aims to significantly reduce the upfront cost associated with zero-emission buses, as well as lower the total lifecycle cost by up to 30 per cent.


The company will work with the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership to ensure that all projects are zeroemission and are compatible with the standards established in the government’s recent Ultra Low Emission Bus Scheme (ULEB).


(1 GBP [British Pound] = 1.26 USD)