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Project Update

Brest Tramway, France [free access]

June 1, 2019

Key players: Brest Métropole is the developer. Currently, Keolis operates the public transport network in the city of Brest, branded as ‘Bibus’. From July 1, 2019, RATP Dev will take over the operations of the Bibus network in Brest, including the tramway system.


Project description: Development of a second tram line in the city as well as the deployment of an open payment system and the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) mobile application (app).


Background: The tramway system comprises only one line, Line A, which was opened in June 2012. The Y-shaped line spans 14.3 km, connecting Porte de Plouzané to Pontanézen, and then splitting into two branches, with one branch to Porte de Gouesnou and the other to Porte de Guipavas. The line covers 28 stops.


Project cost: The line was developed at an investment of EUR383 million, which was financed by loans, transport payment, operating revenue, as well as grants from the state government, the council of Finistère, the Brittany region, and the European Union.


Ridership: In 2018, around 12.1 million passengers travelled on the tram line.


Rolling stock: A fleet of 20 Citadis 302 trams, supplied by Alstom, is deployed on the line.


Signalling: A colour-coded signalling system (traffic signals) is deployed.


Tracks and power: Tracks are standard gauge (1,435 mm). Power is sourced from overhead catenary lines.


Fare system: Paper ticket and contactless smartcard (KorriGo card) are used for fare collection.


Capital projects: The following projects are planned for the tramway system:



Recent developments:


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