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AT awards contracts for clean buses, New Zealand [free access]

September 8, 2019

Auckland Transport (AT) has awarded contracts to supply two electric buses and one hydrogen bus. The procurement of clean buses is in line with Auckland’s Low Emissions Bus Roadmap.


China-based Yutong, in collaboration with US-based JW Group and UK-based Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), in collaboration with China-based BYD will supply one electric bus each. Each bus will have a capacity for 78 passengers. The buses are expected to be delivered in mid-2020.


New Zealand-based Global Bus Ventures (GBV) will supply a three-axle hydrogen fuel cell bus for the first hydrogen bus trial in New Zealand. The bus will be 13.5 metres long and will have a capacity for 78 passengers.


The trial is expected to commence in September 2020 in Auckland. It will be conducted by AT, in collaboration with multiple bus operators and Ports of Auckland, who are developing a hydrogen production and refuelling facility in Auckland.