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Chile’s USD5 billion railway development plan announced [free access]

September 3, 2019

The national government of Chile announced plans to invest more than USD5 billion in the Chile Sobre Rieles (Chile on Rails) project, comprising more than 27 rail infrastructure and security projects. The projects will serve 20 communes out of which nine are outside the purview of the Red Metropolitana de Movilidad system (Red; formerly known as Transantiago). The plan aims to reach 150 million users by 2027, add 1,000 km of track, double the volume of transported cargo, and improve the financial status of Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado (EFE).


Among other projects, the plan considers the development of the Santiago–Melipilla passenger train, the Santiago–Batuco line and the 61-km-long Alameda–Melipilla services, strengthening of the Metrotren Nos, and construction of the Alameda–Melipilla route. It also involves the purchase of eight new trains to reinforce the Metrotren Nos service fleet, extension of the Valparaíso Metro (commuter rail of Gran Valparaíso) service from Limache to Calera, and commencement of 12 new services to Chillán.


Another objective of the plan is to purchase three trains (the tenders for which have already been launched), rehabilitate the track, and construct a new workshop for the Talca branch–Constitution route in Maule. Further, 15 new trains will soon commence delivery in Biobío and La Araucanía, Biotren will be expanded and extended to Lota, Penco, and Lirquén, and services will be started on the Temuco–Padre las Casas–Gorbea route.