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Bergen LRT extension, Norway [free access]

October 1, 2019

Developer: Bybanen AS, a subsidiary of the Hordaland County Council, is the developer for the physical infrastructure. Keolis Norge is the operator and Skyss manages the operations of all public transport systems in Hordaland County.


Project Description: Construction of the Bergen light rail transit (LRT) Line 2 to Fyllingsdalen and extension of Line 1 to Åsane.


Background: The Bergen LRT system comprises one line, Line 1. Line 1 (or Bybanen) currently spans 20 km and covers 27 stations. It connects the Bergen city centre (Byparken) with the Bergen Airport (Bergen lufthavn) via Nesttun and Lagunen. The line was developed in three phases.


Phase 1 involved the construction of the stretch from the Bergen city centre to the Nesttun terminal, covering 15 stations and Phase 2 involved the extension from Nesttun Terminal to Lagunen, covering five stations. Phase 3 extended the line to the Bergen Airport and covered seven new stations.


Phase 1 was developed at an investment of SEK2.25 billion (current kroner), Phase 2 at SEK1.35 billion (current kroner), and Phase 3 at SEK3.6 billion (current kroner).


Ridership: Around 73 million passengers travelled on the LRT network in 2018.


Rolling stock: The LRT currently operates 28 Stadler cars which have a length of 42 metres and capacity for 285 passengers.


Track and power: Tracks are standard gauge (1,435 mm). Power will be sourced from overhead wires (750 V DC).


Fare system: Contactless smartcards called Skysskortet, app-based mobile ticket, paper tickets and passes (daily, weekly and monthly) are used as a fare media. The fare system of the light rail is integrated with all public transport modes managed by Skyss. Passengers can purchase tickets using the Skyss Ticket mobile application.


Capital projects: The existing line is planned to be extended and a new line is under construction. Line 2 is being developed at an investment of NOK6.2 billion and Line 1 extension at NOK8 billion.


New line: The authority approved the zoning plan for construction of Line 2 (Kaigaten- Fyllingsdalen) under Phase 4 in June 2017.


Line 2 will span around 10.8 km and cover nine stations (including two existing stations). The project involves the development of two tunnels (approximately 4 km long), a crossing bridge, bike trails and relocation of existing infrastructure. It is expected to be developed at an investment of NOK6.2 billion. The construction began in 2018 and the line is expected to complete in 2022.


In November 2018, Switzerland-based Marti Tunnelbau AG secured a NOK800 million contract for the construction of the Løvstakktunnel.    


In September 2019, Stadler secured a contract from Bybanen AS to supply six Variobahn light rail vehicles (LRVs) for the new line. Each seven-part bi-directional low-floor tram will be 42 metres long and will have a capacity to carry 280 passengers. The delivery is expected to begin at the end of 2021.


Planned extension: The LRT Line 1 is planned to be extended to Åsane, approval for which was obtained in April 2016. This extension will span 12.5 km and cover 13 stations. The regulatory works are currently being carried out and the final planning proposals will be considered by the City Council and submitted for consultation in 2022. In November 2018, the Bergen municipality awarded the contract to continue the regulatory work to Norway-based Norconsult AS.


The extension is expected to begin construction in 2024 and complete in 2031.


Recent developments:


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