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Metrorrey awards contract for LRT fleet refurbishment, Mexico [free access]

October 14, 2019

Metrorrey, the operator of light rail transit (LRT) in Monterrey, has awarded a EUR40 million contract to a consortium of Germany-based Talbot Services GmbH, Prose AG, and Schaltbau Refurbishment GmbH for refurbishment of 24 40-year-old trains. The refurbishment work is expected to be completed in 2021.


The scope of work includes repainting, modified exterior design, new seats, floors, ceilings, colour scheme, updated drive and control system, as well as installation of passenger information systems and video surveillance.


Talbot Services will provide structural and mechanical modification to the trains, while Prose will be responsible for the new structures. Schaltbau Refurbishment will provide all electrical modifications. The first two trains are expected to be delivered in August 2020.


(1 EUR [Euro] = 1.10 USD)