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MaaS app launched in Beijing, China [free access]

November 9, 2019

The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission in collaboration with Alibaba’s subsidiary, Gaode Map, has launched a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) mobile application (app) in Beijing, branded as the ‘Beijing Green Transportation Integrated Service Platform’. This is the first MaaS app to be launched in China and the first MaaS platform in the world to have served over 10 million users in the pilot phase.


The app integrates all modes of transport (bus, subway, suburban railway, walking, cycling, taxi, flight, train, long-distance bus, private car, etc.), provides smart travel services, and offers comprehensive travel information (such as real-time traffic updates, real-time location of buses, real-time information on congestion of subway stations, etc.).


The current public transport network of Beijing comprises 23 subway lines covering 678 km and 394 stations, 1,266 bus lines, four bus rapid transit (BRT) corridors, and a suburban rail network. The public transport system has an average daily ridership of 12.3 million passengers.