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Smartcards integrated for public transport in Scotland, UK [free access]

November 8, 2019

The public transport operators of Scotland, National Entitlement Card Programme Office, Young Scot, and Transport Scotland, under a joint project, have integrated 16 different types of public transport smartcards, which allows fare payment across multiple modes of transport and across multiple transport operators of Scotland. Earlier, there were 16 different smartcards used in Scotland, which were limited to one mode of public transport.


The passengers who have ITSO technology-based smartcards can use the card for fare payment on any mode of public transport in the country. However, fare-capping facility is not provided to the passengers, which means that each transport operator can charge different fares and hence the best rates might not be provided to the passenger.


The initiative is a part of a project undertaken by Transport Scotland, in partnership with Scotland’s public transport operators, to provide smart ticketing options to commuters in Scotland. The passengers can pay through smartcards, applications-based mobile tickets, and contactless bank cards for public transport in Scotland.