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5G network to be deployed on Shanghai Metro; 5G bus lane pilot launched in Guangzhou, China [free access]

May 19, 2020

Shentong Metro Group has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Unicom, and Shanghai Tower to deploy 5G on 297 underground stations (excluding interval tunnels) of the Shanghai Metro network.  The works for the installation of allied infrastructure have also commenced and are scheduled to be completed within six months. In addition, the companies will also collaborate to utilise 5G for subway safety management and operations. Shanghai Metro comprises 16 lines which collectively span over 700 km and cover over 400 stations. 


Furthermore, a pilot of a bus lane with 5G signal coverage has been launched on Bus Route B27 in Guangzhou. Under this pilot, 5G coverage equipment, passenger-flow monitoring, intelligent dispatching, and driving safety assistance devices have been installed on a fleet of 22 electric buses. This intelligent transport system will collect real-time data about passenger flow and road conditions, thus increasing the efficiency of the bus dispatching system. Fifty 5G base stations have been installed along this route.