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Project Update

Prague–Brno–Ostrava VRT/HSR, Czech Republic [free access]

June 1, 2020

Developer: Správa železnic (SZ) is the project developer.


Project description: Construction of the Vysokorychlostní trať (VRT)/ high speed rail (HSR) line from Prague to Brno. The line will be a section of the Prague–Brno–Ostrava HSR.


Background: The Prague–Brno–Ostrava HSR will involve the development of 300 km of new HSR lines with an additional turn to Břeclav. The construction of the entire line is currently in the planning process and will include five sections:







Technology: The European Train Protection System will be deployed on all the sections.


Operational speed: The line will be designed to have a maximum speed of 350 km/hr for the Prague–Brno, Přerov–Ostrava, and Brno–Šakvice sections and of 200 km/hr for the Brno–Přerov and Šakvice–Břeclav sections.


In May 2020, SZ relaunched a tender for the preparation of documentation on the alignment of the initial 23-km Prague–Běchovice–Poříčany section of the Czech Republic’s first HSR line from Prague to Brno. This section is also known as the VRT Polabí line. This section will connect with the existing Poříčany–Pečky and Sadská–Nymburk passenger train lines.


The tender also included an environmental impact study and an option to undertake the work required to receive approval for both studies. The tender was relaunched with additional details after its first launch in January 2020. The entire 14-month contract is valued at CZK240.5 million.


Recent development:



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