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TSO secures contracts for metro lines in Mexico and Panama [free access]

June 24, 2020

France-based TSO has secured contracts to execute works to develop Mexico City Metro Line 12 extension and Panama Metro Line 2 (Airport Line). The combined value of these two contracts is USD29.70 million.


A consortium of TSO and Mexico-based Prodemex and Deterra has secured a USD20 million contract to develop an extension of Mexico City Metro Line 12. The duration of the contract is 2.5 years. The scope of work includes construction of three stations and laying 4.6 km of twin tracks. Line 12 extension will span 4.6 km. It is being developed at an estimated investment of MXN9.50 billion. The line will also offer interchange facilities for multiple metro lines.


TSO, in collaboration with CIM, has secured a USD9.70 million contract from Metro De Panama to develop Panama Metro Line 2 (Airport Line). The scope of work includes supply of rail infrastructure and laying 2.7 km of track with rigid catenary.  The duration of the contract is 28 months. Line 2 (Airport Line) will span over 2 km and cover two stations. Passenger services are expected to commence by March 2022.


(1 MXN [Mexican Peso] = 0.04 USD)