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WILLER and Mobileye to develop autonomous transportation solutions [free access]

July 8, 2020

WILLER, one of the largest transportation operators in Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, has entered into a strategic partnership with Israel-based Mobileye to collaborate on the testing and deployment of autonomous transportation solutions based on Mobileye’s autonomous vehicle (AV) technology. Under this partnership, the companies will commercialise self-driving taxis and autonomous on-demand shared shuttles in Japan. Mobileye will supply AVs integrating their self-driving system, and WILLER will offer services adjusted to each region, ensure compliance with the regulatory framework, and provide mobility services and solutions for fleet operation companies.


The companies will also launch an autonomous robotaxi service. Initially, this service will be available in Japan. It will undergo tests on public roads in the country in 2021, with plans to launch fully self-driving, ride-hailing, and ride-sharing mobility services in 2023. The autonomous robotaxi service will later be expanded to other Southeast Asian countries, including Taiwan.