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EoIs invited for Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport Line; shadow operator appointed for Sydney Metro, Australia [free access]

September 15, 2020

Sydney Metro has invited expressions of interest (EoIs) to execute the works of the Station Boxes and Tunnelling (SBT) package of the Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport Line. The scope of work includes design and construction of station boxes and tunnels of a 9.8-km-long section. The last date for the submission of EoIs is October 9, 2020. 


The Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport Line will span 23 km and cover six stations. It will be developed by Western Sydney City Deal, a partnership between the Government of Australia, the state government of New South Wales (NSW), and eight councils of Western Parkland City. It will be developed at an estimated investment of AUD11 billion. Passenger services are expected to commence by 2026.


In addition, Ricardo has been appointed the shadow operator of the Sydney Metro project. The scope of work includes provision of advisory services to construction and design teams as well as provision of support services for handover of the project to the operator. The company will provide these services in collaboration with Seoul Metro. By 2024, Sydney Metro will span 66 km and cover 31 stations.


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