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Innovactory launches first MaaS app pilot in the Netherlands [free access]

September 18, 2020

Innovactory has launched Gaiyo, a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) application (app) for the Leidsche Rijn and Vleuten-De Meern neighbourhoods, in the city of Utrecht. Gaiyo is the first of the seven MaaS pilots to be conducted across the Netherlands. The pilot is expected to run till the end of 2021.


The app can be used to plan, book, and pay for all trips undertaken within the neighbourhoods. The transit options vary from public transport in some areas to the sharing of  bicycles, electric scooters, cars, or other means of transport in other areas. The app also shows the available parking spaces in combination with the timings of the connecting mode of public transport. It also provides updates for traffic jams, delays, works, and incidents before and during the trip.