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Government of NSW allocates funds for rail in Budget FY2020–21, Australia [free access]

November 19, 2020

The state government of New South Wales (NSW) in its Budget FY2020–21 has allocated funding for various rail projects across the state. Over AUD500 million has been allocated for the Parramatta light rail project, while AUD1.1 billion and AUD4 billion have been allocated for the procurement of more trains and for the provision of increased services across NSW respectively. The fast rail network has been allocated AUD31 million and the regional rail fleet programme has been allocated AUD43 million.


The budget has allocated AUD28 million for Sydney Metro over the next four years. The funding will cover works on the City and Southwest, West, and Western Sydney Airport lines of Sydney Metro. Sydney Metro will span 66 km and cover 31 stations by 2024.


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