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CTC approves USD433.6 million for transit projects, US [free access]

December 4, 2020

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has approved USD433.6 million for three programs, that is, the Solutions for Congested Corridors Program (SCCP), the Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP), and the Local Partnership Competitive Program (LPCP).   

The SCCP aims to reduce congestion in highly travelled and highly congested corridors. CTC approved USD284.8 million in funding for transit projects in the SCCP, including USD65 million to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) to deliver the West Valley Connector Bus Rapid Transit project.


The commission approved USD60 million to Bay Area Rapid Transit for the Train Control Modernization project on the TransBay Line. The commission also approved USD67 million to Caltrans for the Placer–Sacramento Gateway Corridor (PSGC) Phase 1 project. It approved USD92.8 million to the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission for the Watsonville–Santa Cruz Multimodal Corridor Program (WSCMCP) Cycle 2 project.


The LPCP provides funding to transportation agencies for which voters have approved fees or taxes that are dedicated solely to transportation improvements. CTC approved USD248.8 million for LPCP transit projects, including USD2.8 million to the town of Windsor for the Windsor River Road and Windsor Road Intersection Improvement project. CTC also approved USD5.3 million to the El Dorado County Department of Transportation for the Diamond Springs Parkway – Phase 1B multimodal project. CTC also approved USD7 million to the San Diego Association of Governments for the Bike Up & Down in Uptown project. CTC approved USD25 million to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the NextGen Bus Speed and Reliability Improvements project. Finally, CTC approved USD8.7 million to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency for the Mission Street and Geneva Avenue Safety Improvements project in San Francisco.


Under the TCEP, Caltrans and the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission were awarded USD100 million for the Stockton Diamond Grade Separation project.