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EC launches European Year of Rail initiative [free access]

January 4, 2021

The European Commission (EC) has launched the European Year of Rail, an initiative that will help in highlighting the benefits of rail as a sustainable, smart, and safe means of transport to encourage more people and businesses to use rail services. This initiative will assist in achieving the objectives of the European Union’s (EU’s) Green Deal.


The EC has launched a new website to provide more information about the initiative and to highlight activities related to the European Year of Rail. The other events will highlight rail’s various dimensions, including Europe’s innovative rail industry, rail’s role in European culture and heritage, its importance in connecting regions, people, and businesses, its part in sustainable tourism, and its role in connecting neighbouring countries.


The EC’s 2021 legislative agenda will also support the European Year of Rail, with proposals on establishing new rail industrial partnerships, improving links for rail with other modes of transport, and making freight transport more sustainable overall, as outlined in the EC’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.