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Contracts awarded for Naples–Bari HSR, Italy [free access]

January 18, 2021

A Ghella-led joint venture (JV) has secured a EUR470 million contract to manage the design and construction of the 19.2-km-long Telese Terme–Vitulano section of the 146.6-km-long Naples–Bari high-speed rail (HSR) line. The other partners in the JV are Itinera, Salcef, and Coget Impianti. The Ghella-led JV was announced the preferred bidder for the contract in June 2020.


The Telese Terme–Vitulano section incorporates an existing conventional line in the province of Benevento and consists of the Telese Terme–San Lorenzo Maggiore and the San Lorenzo Maggiore–Vitulano functional lots. The section includes 14 bridges and viaducts, 9.7 km of earthworks, and seven tunnels, including the 2.2-km-long Le Forche tunnel. The line will have stops at Solopaca, San Lorenzo, and Ponte Casalduni. This section will have a design speed of 200 km /hr for passenger services and 140 km /hr for freight trains.


Following the signing of the contract, the Ghella-led JV awarded a design contract for the Telese Terme–Vitulano section to a Systra-led JV with SWS. Systra has a stake of 58 per cent in the JV while SWS owns 42 per cent. The work will be carried out in two phases. In phase one, the detailed design will be approved in six months before the beginning of the works. In phase two, the detailed design of all the project phases during the implementation of the works will be finished within three years.


Systra will be responsible for the design of the alignment, bridges and viaducts, stations, mechanical, electric, and public health (MEP), track, including the dismantling of the existing line and the construction of the new one, catenary and electrical substations, signalling and telecommunications, and low-voltage systems. SWS will be responsible for the design of tunnels (including MEP), geology, geotechnics, environmental studies, hydrology, and hydraulics. The JV will also provide Building Information Modelling (BIM) services for the project throughout both the design and construction phases.


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