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Government of India plans to invest INR38 trillion in National Rail Plan [free access]

January 14, 2021

The Ministry of Railways of India plans to invest over INR38 trillion over 30 years as part of its National Rail Plan. Of the planned investment, around INR5,818.2 billion will be spent during 2021–26, INR9,155.3 billion during 2026–31, INR9,345 billion during 2031–41, and INR13,886.1billion during 2041–51. The planned investment will be used for boosting infrastructure and rolling stock, improving rail market share, and contributing to efforts to meet the country’s climate change mitigation targets.


The National Rail Plan has been developed over the past two years by AECOM India under contract to Rail India Technical & Economic Services. The plan intends to ensure zero carbon emission by 2030, increase passenger traffic, complete 100 per cent electrification of the existing broad-gauge network by 2023, remove all level crossings on four corridors in the Golden Quadrilateral & Diagonals, and complete new rail line projects.


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