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Mississauga secures funding of CAD113.5 million for 12 transit projects, Canada [free access]

January 25, 2021

The city of Mississauga, Ontario, has received federal and provincial funding amounting to CAD113.5 million for 12 transit projects. The transit projects represent a combined investment of CAD158 million when added to the municipal share. 

Over 86 per cent of the combined funding will be used to support three major projects. These are a new bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor along Lakeshore Road (expected to cost CAD55.5 million), major bus rehabilitations for the MiWay fleet (expected to cost CAD44.1 million), and stop amenities for priority bus corridors (expected to cost CAD36.8 million).

The remaining 12 per cent of the funding will be used to support nine transit projects. These are upgradation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) hardware and software on buses, installation of on-street bus shelters, farebox refurbishments, bus terminal shelter enhancements, replacement of stop markers with a new accessible design, enhancement of customer partitions on the Mississauga Transitway, transit terminal upgrades, purchase of transit support vehicles, and deployment of new and refurbished bus stop pads.

(1 CAD [Canadian Dollar] = 0.78 USD)