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Government of India allocates funds for transport in Budget 2021–22 [free access]

February 1, 2021

The Government of India in its Budget FY2020–21 has allocated INR1,100 billion for the railway sector. The allocation will be invested in the National Rail Plan which was announced in January 2021. The plan intends to ensure zero carbon emission by 2030, increase passenger traffic, complete 100 per cent electrification of the existing broad-gauge network by 2023, and complete new rail line projects.


In addition, the national government has allocated INR180 billion for a new scheme to support public bus transport service. The scheme will facilitate deployment of innovative public–private partnership (PPP) models to enable private sector players to finance, acquire, operate, and maintain over 20,000 buses.  


Funds have been allocated to metro and mass rapid transit system (MRTS) agencies, Kochi Metro Rail Limited (INR19.57 billion), Chennai Metro Rail Corporation (INR632.46 billion), Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (INR147.88 billion), and Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited (Nagpur Metro – INR59.76 billion; Nashik Metro – INR20.92 billion). There are plans to deploy two new technologies, MetroLite and MetroNeo, to provide metro rail systems in tier-2 cities and in the peripheral areas of tier-1 cities.



(1 INR [Indian Rupee] = 0.01 USD)