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NTA announces funding for sustainable transport projects in multiple cities, Ireland [free access]

February 12, 2021

The National Transport Authority (NTA) of Ireland has announced EUR240 million funding to support sustainable transport projects across the country. The allocations for 2021 have been increased by just over EUR130 million as compared to 2020 and will support the addition of 233 new projects to the NTA’s investment programme in 2021.


The major projects scheduled for construction in 2021 include the Clontarf-to-City Centre route in Dublin, the Mahon-to-Marina Greenway route in Cork, the Castletroy Greenway route in Limerick, the Parkmore Improvement Works in Galway, and the Bilberry-to-City Centre route in Waterford.


A total of 468 sustainable transport projects are currently in the pipeline and are expected to provide high-quality facilities for cyclists and walkers in Ireland.


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