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LTG Infra outlines infrastructure investment plans for 2021, Lithuania [free access]

February 11, 2021

LTG Infra, the infrastructure manager in Lithuania, has outlined infrastructure investment plans for 2021. The Rail Baltica project and the modernisation of the Vilnius–Klaipeda line are two key projects included in the plans. The plans include a capital investment of EUR210 million in both the Rail Baltica project and in the 1,744-km-long conventional network in 2021. 


The largest share, EUR71 million, will support work on the 392-km-long Lithuanian section of the EUR5.8 billion Rail Baltica project that is currently under construction. The modernisation of the Vilnius–Klaipeda line, Lithuania’s core east–west rail corridor, will receive EUR65 million, the second largest share of funds in 2021. This includes EUR32 million to support electrification of the line, as well as EUR33 million for repair and renewal works, including track renewal.


These investments are part of a programme that aims to invest EUR907 million in the renewal and improvement of existing rail infrastructure in Lithuania by 2030. LTG Infra invested EUR179 million in infrastructure repair and modernisation projects in 2020, an increase of EUR92 million from the EUR87 million invested in 2019. 


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