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Bidders shortlisted for Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport Line; Downer EDI Works secures contract for Southwest project, Australia [free access]

March 1, 2021

Sydney Metro has shortlisted three bidders to execute the tunnelling works of the Western Sydney Airport Line project. The bidders are Bouygues Construction Australia Pty Limited, John Holland Gamuda Joint Venture, and Acciona Construction Australia Pty Limited. The scope of work includes the construction of 10-km-long twin tunnels and the excavations of station boxes. The contract is expected to be awarded by end-2021 and the works are expected to commence by mid-2023.


Western Sydney Airport Line will span 23 km and cover six stations. The metro line will link Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport, the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, and T1 Western Line. The project involves an investment of AUD11 billion. It will be developed by Western Sydney City Deal, a partnership between the Government of Australia, the state government of New South Wales (NSW), and eight councils of Western Parkland City. Passenger services are expected to commence in 2026.


In addition, Downer EDI Works Pty Limited has secured an AUD107 million contract to upgrade the stations of the T3 Bankstown line, a commuter rail line under the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project. The scope of work includes upgrading and re-levelling of existing platforms, undertaking improvement works at interchange facilities, and installation of new lifts. The company will also undertake upgradation works at three additional stations of the line under an AUD98 million contract secured earlier this year. Passenger services on the upgraded T3 Bankstown line are scheduled to commence in 2024.


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