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DTA partners with Masabi and Transit to launch MyDTA fare payment system, US [free access]

May 20, 2021

The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) has partnered with Masabi and Transit to launch the MyDTA fare payment system. The new app provides an all-in-one experience that combines mobile ticketing from Masabi’s Fare Payments-as-a-Service platform with trip-planning, real-time tracking, and connections to first-mile/last-mile services.


The new contactless solution includes mobile ticketing, electronic validation, and cash digitisation. It enables commuters to purchase mobile fares using either the new MyDTA app or the Transit app (real-time trip-planning app). The solution also enables passengers to preview the cost of every trip in Transit’s trip planner. The fares feature considers peak and off-peak pricing to ensure that passengers are informed about the total cost of their ride, at any time of day, before purchasing the ticket.


A total of 80 Justride validation devices have been installed on DTA’s bus network. This enables passengers to tap their phone to scan their mobile passes and identify the ticket as valid for use, differentiating between peak and off-peak fares. The validation units also provide DTA with the flexibility to turn on Account-Based Ticketing (ABT), to enable the authority to implement innovative and equitable fare capping, and to ensure that passengers get the best fares at any time, using tracking to manage the process.